Grant Denyer put in cameras on his property after recognizing legendary black panthers

Grant Denyer has revealed he is on the hunt to find hard evidence of big cats roaming in the Australian bush after sighting what he believes to be “sheep-sized” panthers on his property.

“I’ll give you an exclusive, and don’t think I’m crazy, but I am on the panther bandwagon right now,” Denyer told

“I’m talking about the famous panthers that roam the Australian bush,” he said.

“I’ve seen the panther twice on the bottom of my farm and I have video to prove it — although blurry and zoomed 10 times on my iPhone,” he said.

But Denyer said he is so convinced of the sightings that in the last 72 hours he’s installed “infra-red and motion-detecting night cameras” on his property.

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Denyer first talked about spotting the “Lithgow Panther” on radio in 2018, but his 2Day FM co-hosts were not convinced.

He said he hoped the new “military style” surveillance gear would help him spot a glimpse of the panthers, which he claimed were “about ten times the size of a cat”.

“It was enormous. It was the size of a full grown sheep,” he said.

Denyer lives on a farm in Bathurst with his wife Cheryl “Chezzi” Denyer and their two daughters Sailor and Scout.

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He said he hopes having the cameras will help him “bust the urban myth that there is a black panther”.

“I had heard about the myth (of big cats) many a time. I’d quizzed locals in the area of Bathurst and Lithgow – there’d been many a tale.

“So I was like, ‘I’ve just seen the famous panther.’”

Denyer joked he may have “lost the plot” but said he’s determined to out the myth with his infra-red cameras.

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