Cattleman seeks injunction after court docket permits taking pictures cull

Victoria’s brumby cull can go ahead but an Omeo cattleman is planning to appeal the decision, a court has been told.

Philip Maguire’s bid to stop the cull starting in the state’s eastern alps next week was knocked back in Victoria’s Supreme Court on Friday.

Parks Victoria was not required to consult with the community about the cull and the ground shooting of feral horses in the eastern alps, Justice Stephen Moore ruled.

He said Mr Maguire did not have the standing to bring the proceeding and dismissed the case.

The cattleman argued earlier this week the organisation failed to consult the community about changes to include shooting of the animals.

“There was not any engagement with the broader community in relation with the new technique or the ‘kill policy’,” his lawyer told the court earlier this week.

Once the decision was handed down, Mr Maguire’s lawyers planned to launch an appeal and seek an injunction to temporarily halt the cull.

They asked Justice Moore to draft an injunction to prevent the horses from being shot until they were able to take the matter to the Court of Appeal.

Parks Victoria initially said no animals would be shot before next Thursday, but the Omeo man wanted more time before launching an appeal.

The brumby cull is needed to prevent the destruction of the “fragile alpine environment”, lawyers for the organisation had said.

The matter was stood down and will resume on Friday afternoon.

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